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At C-Tech Solutions, we assess your current setup and then install new infrastructure according to copper cabling standards. Here’s how our process works:

Assessment: The assessment phase is a complex evaluation that determines the structured copper cabling solutions you need now, and those you might require in the near to long-term. We work through a detailed appraisal, asking how your organisational needs might develop over time and the optimal solutions that could benefit you. We cover all bases, including whether you’ll need surge capacity, when you might move to new premises, and what solutions will provide you with a predictable and stable way of working.

Proposal: Once we collect all the necessary information, we will put forward a proposal outlining the solution that we feel would benefit you the most. We also specify key deliverables, showing you the benefits you can expect from the finished project.

Installation: Once you agree to the proposal, C-Tech Solutions will begin planning for installation. Our service is end-to-end, which means that we take care of the entire process for you, including the on-site management. You’re free to continue operating as usual unless informed otherwise by your dedicated project manager. Once we’ve laid the groundwork, we proceed with the installation itself.

Support: After we finish the installation, we continue to provide on-going support to ensure that you get the most value possible from your new network infrastructure. If you discover any issues, contact us for immediate help.

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Bespoke copper cabling services solutions.

C-Tech Solutions is the ideal partner for your copper cabling installation project. Our team provides on-site project management, end-to-end services, bespoke installations, and full accreditation.

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A Concise Overview of Copper Cabling Systems

Unlike fibre-optic cabling, which uses pulses of light to transmit information, copper cabling facilitates electrical signals. In the UK, copper cabling must adhere to various standards set by the TIA/EIA.

  • Cat 3 cables have been around since the 1990s. They are a type of twisted pair cable that offers speeds of up to 10 Mbps.
  • Cat 4 cables use similar technology to cat 3 and support speeds up to 16 Mbps.
  • Cat 5 standards were ratified in 1991 but are now mostly obsolete.
  • Cat 5e are “enhanced” cat 5 cables that became a ratified standard in 1999, offering speeds of 10 to 100 Mbps.
  • Cat 6 and 6a became a standard in 2002. Cat 6 should have a power-sum attenuation-to-crosstalk ratio equal to or greater than zero at 200 Mhz.
  • Cat 7 and 7f must satisfy a frequency range of 1 to 600 Mhz over 100 metres of shielded, twisted-pair cabling.

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