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Learn more about the Fibre Optic Cabling Installation Services provided by C-Tech Solutions.

Do you require fibre optic cabling for your business, organisation or private venture? If so, we can help. We have years of experience providing high quality, reliable fibre optic cabling solutions to our clients, guaranteeing they can access the high-speed connections they need.

Fibre cabling transfers information through the pulse of light. The data passes through hundreds of transparent glass or plastic pipes with strands that are smaller in width than an average hair. To work effectively, it is essential that fibre optic cabling is installed in the right way. We can provide the ultimate support you need with a professional installation that you can trust.

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There are numerous benefits of fibre optic cabling, such as:

  • Greater bandwidth – Fibre optic cables are more advanced than copper cables.

  • Faster speeds – transmit your data faster using fibre optic cabling

  • Longer distances – They stretch further than a typical 90m copper cable link. Fibre optic cables can carry signals more than 20 miles.

  • Reliable – fibre optic cables are less likely to be impacted by environmental issues such as cold temperatures.
  • Cost-effective – Fibre cables require less maintenance and can remain durable for years with no signs of wear and tear.

Leading Cabling And Infrastructure Specialists

As fibre optic cabling experts, C-Tech Solutions can provide numerous networking related services that your organisation could benefit from. These include:

  • Site Surveys – we’ll complete a full survey and determine whether fibre optic cabling could be suitable for your location.
  • Installations – trust our experts to complete the installation of your cables for you with an efficient service
  • Upgrades – we can upgrade old cable networks and ensure you can benefit from faster speeds
  • Fault finding – we’ll solve and fix any issues with your cable network, getting your business back on track
  • Documentation – we can ensure that you will be able to access the right documentation for all fibre optic installations that we complete.
  • Project management – we can provide a hands-off approach and ensure that adding fibreoptic cables is a seamless part of any development project.

Experts in Fibre Optic Cabling

Our engineers at C-Tech solutions are experts in the field with years of training and vast knowledge of different fibre optic cabling solutions. They have already completed work on numerous projects for commercial, public sector and industrial clients.

Armed with up to date accreditations and the latest industry-standard test equipment, they will ensure that your fibre optic cabling is installed the right way and always provide a high-quality solution. We also put security as a top priority and will ensure that the safety of your team, customers and clients is taken care of the right way.

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A friendly member of our team can answer all your questions and ensure that you can access the services that you require.

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