Renovating your office with Cat6 cabling

7th February 2024

Renovating your office network can be a daunting prospect. Upgrading to Category 6 (Cat6) cabling is a decision that can have long term benefits for your business.

It’s inescapable. We are moving into an era where digital connectivity is paramount. So it is important to understand the benefits and challenges of switching to Cat6 cabling before you take the plunge.

Let us explore the benefits and pitfalls of Cat6 cabling, and explain what to expect during renovation to help you decide whether the transition is right for you.

The Benefits of Upgrading to Cat6 Cabling

Enhanced speed

Cat6 cabling’s best asset is its ability to support higher bandwidths and faster transmission speeds. This increased capacity is ideal for firms that deal with large file transfers, high-speed connections and applications that demand a higher bandwidth.

Improved Network Reliability

Installing Cat6 cabling now could futureproof your business in terms of further expansion. By upgrading, you will not only optimise your current network performance, but also make sure your infrastructure stands the test of time. As technology evolves, having Cat6 installed now can save you from future overhauls.

The Pitfalls of Cat6 Cabling Installation


As with any major system improvement, upgrading to Cat6 will inevitably be more expensive than sticking with what you have. Materials cost money, and the installation process will cost you in labour and lost time. A cost benefit analysis will ensure you’re making the right decision for your firm’s long term technology strategy.

Installation Challenges

Implementing new cabling in an existing office environment will present certain logistical challenges. These include working around current set ups, potentially displacing workers who are trying to do their jobs, and navigating through tight, pre-existing spaces. Hiring experienced installers like C-Tech Solutions is crucial for a successful and seamless upgrade. We can make sure there is minimal disruption to daily operations.

What to Expect During and After Installation

We split the installation process into three categories: planning, installation and post-installation.

Planning and Assessment

The first step is to assess the current network and office layout. By planning the most efficient cabling routes, you can understand the work involved and minimise office downtime. As an experienced installation company, we would discuss your current and future network needs, conduct site inspections and form a detailed plan of action before work even starts.

The Installation Process

There will be some disruption to day-to-day operations. But with a clear plan, this can be kept to an absolute minimum. Expect cables being run through new outlets via walls, ceilings and floors, and testing of connections to make sure the install has been done properly, the first time.

Post-Installation Benefits

Once the installation has been done, you can expect a marked improvement in your network’s speed and reliability. High-bandwidth tasks will become more efficient which will only increase productivity. You’ll have a network infrastructure that will be better equipped to evolve with you and your business.

In conclusion, upgrading to Cat6 cabling is a big step towards enhancing your businesses’ tech capabilities. Yes, there is a cost and logistical considerations to manage, but the benefits often make this a worthwhile investment.

If you’re still struggling to decide whether you need to upgrade in the first place, check out our post Is Category 5 Cabling Obsolete?.

The best thing you can do is prepare and understand what to expect from the installation process, so you can plan accordingly. By choosing an experienced installation team like C-Tech Solutions, you can ensure a smooth transition into a new digital era for your company.

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