Why fibre optic is good for more than just network speed

5th January 2023

We know that fibre optic cabling transmits data quickly. But what else is the advantage of switching to fibre? 

Less Interference

In other cables, a signal’s integrity can be compromised by electrical noise. Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) can both mess with signalling. As fibre is non-metallic, it is immune to interference from the above.

The signals are transmitted as pulses of light in glass threads, meaning that EMI and RFI are no match for fibre.

Attenuation loss does occur in fibre, but at a much lower rate than in copper cables. This means fibre cables can go for longer without the need to be connected above ground.


It is incredibly difficult to tap into fibre optic cables. It is also very easy to identify when a cable has been compromised; it will emit an obvious light from the breakage point. Copper cables can be tapped into relatively under-the-radar via tapping a line to pick up electronic signals.

Easy to install

Governing guidelines say the maximum length for a copper ethernet cable cannot exceed 100 meters. Fibre is constrained to no such rules. Fibre cables are also thinner and easier to manipulate. The latest designs can be bent and manipulated with low risk of damage. They are also extremely flexible due to their size. Thicker copper cables are more rigid which means you’ll need more space to store them. 

Higher bandwidth = better network speed

Ok, we said we wouldn’t mention network speed, but we can’t finish without singing fibre’s praises on this one.

It is actually unknown how fast data can travel through fibre, but what is agreed upon is that it is fast. As fast as the speed of light is the general thinking – which blows any other cable type out of the water.

And as we develop increased demands for higher bandwidth, fibre is the only cabling on the market that can cope with future calls for more data and, therefore, higher bandwidth. Install fibre today and you could futureproof your home or business for years to come.

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